Disadvantages of using consumer tablets for your business

Even though you might spend less at first on a stylish consumer device, your implementation will be likely to result in high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and productivity loss. Here are some reasons for which you should avoid buying a consumer tablet for your business.

Too fragile for the industry 

Consumer tablets are not suitable for fast-paced and active fieldwork environments. Research shows that the regular consumer tablet is three times more likely to fail within the first year due to the damages produced by drops and cracked displays (VDC Research, 2014).

Therefore, knowing your work environment and being aware of the daily operations that may impact your tablet are important aspects to consider when making decisions for buying a new device. Consumer devices have a short lifecycle compared to rugged/semi-rugged devices, creating significant deployment, maintenance and support issues.

Weak camera

Have you ever taught of the quality of the camera on your work device? The camera of a regular tablet might not be suitable for barcode capturing because of improper illumination system. You will need a powerful enough, built-in camera for documenting your assets or tasks.

No extras 

Consumer tablets lack suitable mounting and backroom solutions for the enterprise, as well as important field and vertical-specific accessories. Be aware of what you need and what are the options that your chosen device has to offer. You need to consider these aspects to be sure that your investment is worth. 

Battery life

A typical device will not last long enough for a whole shift and this will cause disruption within your workers’ daily operations. If the battery is not removable, you must take the device out of service to charge it. Imagine doing that every day… It would be an ineffective investment.



Your workers’ preferences regarding design and interference can differ from what you consider a suitable solution: they expect a sleek consumer styling, while you focus on finding a durable data capture device that allows you to put together an adequate solution for your business.

We work with industry-related specialists like ZEBRA and we can offer the perfect enterprise-class, durable, data capture devices for you and your workers' needs.


Surprisingly rugged, thin and light tablets, built for work, the ZEBRA ET51/ET56 tablets are a perfect blend of smart design and functionality.

Some of the thinnest and lightest of Zebra’s rugged tablet computers, the ET51 (WLAN only) and ET56 (WWAN/WLAN) provide workers with fast performance, resistant solutions.

ET51/ET56 devices are built to handle drops to concrete—up to 3.2 feet or 5.9 feet with the optional rugged frame.  They are also resistant to rain, snow, dust, extreme heat, subzero temperatures, vibration, spilt liquids and even a hose -down at its full power. This means they are suitable for almost any working environment.
























You will benefit from the most advanced data capture —and data capture options.

The integrated high resolution 13 MP camera handles light scanning which is perfect for proof of documentation, proof of condition or proof of service requirements. Add the SE4750 scan engine for moderate to heavy scanning. The integrated high resolution 13 MP camera handles light scanning.

The brightest display in its class makes the ET51/ET56 the easiest to read in virtually any lighting condition—including bright sunlight; Corning® Gorilla® Glass provides shatter- and scratch-resistance, protecting one of the most vulnerable components on any tablet. 

Weighing just 1.12 lbs./0.514 kg for the smaller screen, and 1.60 lbs./0.745 kg for the larger, and just 0.5 in./1.27 cm thick, the rugged ET51/56 feels and looks like a consumer tablet, yet is ready for use in nearly any environment.

ZEBRA provides one of the most robust accessory families (docking stations, straps, batteries, cradles etc) in the industry which allows users to customise tablets to best meet the business needs; If you're interested in any of these don't hesitate to contact us.

The tablets are available to buy in our online store (find the link below). 

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