The Uber Eats Official Partners

Since the start of Uber Eats food delivery service, Hyperstore have been supporting and supplying Uber Eats and Uber Eats customers with Bluetooth receipt printers which are fully compatible with the Ubereats app.

As the Uber Eats official partner, we have helped hundreds of Uber businesses to organise collections and deliveries by providing them with the right equipment such as receipt printers and POS systems.

Considering that Uber Eats remains one of the most popular delivery app choices, business owners in the foodservice industry are looking to integrate it with their systems.


Uber Eats Printer Options

When it comes to receipt printers, Hyperstore provides Uber Eats compatible printers that work seamlessly with the Uber Eats software. All of these Bluetooth printers are easy to set up allowing you to immediately print orders directly from your device.

We have the following approved and recommended Uber Eats receipt printers in stock. These printers are built around the most advanced technology and can be connected to your tablet via Bluetooth. You can enable receipt printing in the Settings section of your Uber Eats dashboard app.

Our range includes the TSP100, TSP600, L200 from Star Micronics and the TM-M30II, which is the latest edition to Epson’s receipt printing range.

TSP143IIIBI Uber Eats Receipt Printers

Star TSP143IIIBI, Bluetooth Thermal ReceiptPrinter with Cutter, Apple MFi/iOS & Android, Grey, Uber Eats Compatible

Star TSP143IIIBI, Bluetooth  Thermal Receipt Printer with Cutter Apple MFi/iOS & Android, White, Uber Eats Compatible

TSP650II Uber Eats Receipt Printer

Star TSP654IIBI-24, Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer, With Cutter, Bluetooth, works with Apple MFi/iOS and Android, Grey, Uber Eats Compatible, includes Power Supply


Star TSP654IIBI-24, Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer,  With Cutter, works with Apple MFi/iOS and Android, White, Uber Eats compatible includes Power Supply

SML200 Bluetooth Uber Eats Receipt Printer

Star SM-L200, 2 Inch 58mm Mobile Receipt Printer, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, iOS, Android, includes a Battery pack, Sample paper roll, Belt clip and USB charge cable, Uber Eats Compatible


Epson TM-M30II, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, available in both Black and White, PS, UK

As compatibility is specific to your set-up, we recommend talking to a specialist supplier before making any purchasing decision. We can always assist or refer you to a dedicated support team.