1. Hyperstore partners with Custom SPA

    We are pleased to announce that RealTime DC Hyperstore have partnered up with Custom S.p.A., a high-tech solution company specialising in retail, enterprise and vertical markets since 1992.  The company is a global leader in automated technology solutions for the point of sale and public service sectors.




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  2. Uber Bluetooth Receipt Printers

    The Uber Eats Official Partners

    Since the start of Uber Eats food delivery service, Hyperstore have been supporting and supplying Uber Eats and Uber Eats customers with Bluetooth receipt printers which are fully compatible with the Ubereats app.

    As the Uber Eats official partner, we have helped hundreds of Uber businesses to organise collections and deliveries by providing them with the right equipment such as receipt printers and POS systems.

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  3. RealTime DC receives important ISO accreditation

    At RealTime DC Ltd we are proud to say we have been accredited an ISO 27001 certificate for Information Security Management Systems.

    Undergoing comprehensive training and testing for all staff with an intensive audit process, ISO 27001 certification proves that we meet the high standards required to protect the sensitive information of our clients and suppliers.

    Reducing the risk of an information breach by implementing stringent procedures gives confidence to new and existing customers that we are committed to data security and can be trusted with their information and business.


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  4. Why is a consumer tablet not suitable for enterprise?

    Disadvantages of using consumer tablets for your business

    Even though you might spend less at first on a stylish consumer device, your implementation will be likely to result in high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and productivity loss. Here are some reasons for which you should avoid buying a consumer tablet for your business.

    Too fragile for the industry 

    Consumer tablets are not suitable for fast-paced and active fieldwork environments. Research shows that the regular consumer tablet is three times more likely to fail within the first year due to the damages produced by drops and cracked displays (VDC Research, 2014).

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  5. Ways in which our blog will help and inspire you

    Hello and welcome to the Hyperstore blog!

    We are excited to be launching this new blog which is mainly dedicated to anyone interested in technology & innovation, industry-related insights and helpful guides on how to use our products and services.

    Hyperstore is a specialised supplier of POS hardware, barcode scanners, mobile computers, rugged PDAs, barcode label printers and other accessories.  Why not check out our online product catalogue to find out more about our stock?

    With this in mind, here are some reasons to consider this blog a trustworthy, informative and inspiring source.

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