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Epson TM-S9000MJ Series Scanner

The Epson TM-S9000MJ cheque scanner/printer combines double-sided colour scanning, endorsement inkjet printing and thermal receipt printing in one compact device and sets new standards in speed and accuracy. Cheques can be scanned at speeds of up to 200DPM, with automatic skew correction and background noise filtering. Photo ID cards and cut sheets can also be scanned quickly and precisely. the Epson TMS9000MJ has an extra large endorsement printing area of up to 16 lines allows all the necessary information to be printed for endorsement, and also offers the possibility to print cashiers cheques or cut sheet receipts with marketing messages at the counter. Receipts are printed at up to 300mm/sec with the option of printing greyscale logos and reducing paper usage by up to 30 percent.

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